4th of July | Erin Cardiff | Script Shop Episode 022

Logline for 4th of July

"Retracing the final decade of a young woman's life and abuse she's suffered reveals how she arrived in harm's way, while she tries desperately to protect herself and her children from the danger they cannot escape. Based on true events. "

About Screenwriter Erin Cardiff

A writer by nature, a filmmaker by necessity, Erin Cardiff was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario by wonderful and supportive parents without whom she never would have made it this far.

After a career start in media, Erin worked as a writer and editor across a variety of industries until turning her attention to screenwriting and filmmaking.

Since then, she has been fortunate to be invited to many festivals and events - including The Female Eye Film Festival where 4th Of July won the Live Pitch Grand Prize - and participate in amazing educational opportunities like The Black List Lab program. She was also a 2018 finalist for The Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

She is currently working on her latest short film and sourcing production support for her debut feature.

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