Another Harpersville Massacre | Herbert and Stahl

Logline for Another Harpersville Massacre

"Colorful killers are as regular as the holidays in Harpersville, where every slaughter ends in a carnival and the locals don't even wonder who's under the masks anymore."

About Jeremy Herbert and Wolf Stahl

Wolf Stahl and Jeremy Herbert met on accident in a creative writing class they shared for one hour. They then worked together on a weekly, live TV show at Kent State. Somehow it did not occur to them to become writing partners until after graduation. Their second script, ANOTHER HARPERSVILLE MASSACRE, has been a finalist at multiple film festivals and they sure appreciate it.

Wolf Stahl grew up on an apple orchard in rural Ohio and has never recovered.

Jeremy Herbert directs award-winning horror shorts and thinks about movies for sites like Crooked Marquee, Bloody Disgusting, and Morbidly Beautiful.

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