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Skinner | Leah Watson | Script Shop Episode 001

Skinner Screenplay Logline

“A gentle young man struggles to survive in the ranks of a brutal post-apocalyptic gang, but when the gang diverts from an evening of ghost stories to prey upon a lone young woman, he discovers that real monsters are found in the most unexpected places and unspeakable horrors may hold the key to his redemption.”

About Screenwriter Leah Watson

Originally from Denver Colorado, Leah started performing and creating as soon as she could walk. In the last 10 years she has cultivated her craft at Denver School of the Arts, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, The School at Steppenwolf, and University of Colorado.  

In 2015, after a transition to Los Angeles, she stumbled upon The Choreography House, an elite pole dance training facility in North Hollywood, and had the extraordinary privilege of training in the aerial arts with Kelly Yvonne.    

Whether writing, acting, dancing, or producing her primary passion is storytelling.

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