Before the Fall | Gabriel Galand | Script Shop Episode 051

Logline for Before the Fall

"A renowned therapist is called urgently by her biggest client, a high-ranking official, who needs to decide whether or not to warn the world about an impending cataclysm."

About Gabriel Galand

Gabriel Galand is a film director and cinematographer born in France in 1991, currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He started directing in 2010 when he moved London, UK to attend a film workshop. Moving back to France in 2011, he enrolled at the international film school of Paris where he majored in cinematography. Upon receiving his bachelor of fine arts in 2014, Gabriel presented two of his short films "Cold Green Eyes" and "Horla" to festivals, receiving more than eighty selections around the world. Later, Gabriel moved to Seoul, South Korea where he directed commercials and videos for Korean and international brands, while collaborating with international artists. After spending a year and a half in Korea, Gabriel directed "Above the Mist", a short film on assisted suicide, before moving back to France. Collaborating with a Swiss-American producer, Gabriel directed his fifth short film Resilience in Switzerland before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia. His film Horla is currently distributed by Prime Video in Asia and by Shudder and Shorts TV in North America.

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