Believe | Serge Magnavox | Script Shop Episode 052

Logline for Believe

"On Christmas night, dispirited VAPD officer Andrea Espinoza apprehends a man in her apartment who claims to be THE Santa Claus."

About Serge Magnavox

Egyptian born writer Serge Magnavox is a Film and Video Studies graduate from George Mason University with a concentration in scriptwriting and graphic design. Serge’s first short script “In Safe Hands” screened in Washington West Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, and Bowtie Cinemas. Serge is currently working on establishing Spirit Science as a sister genre of science fiction through short stories, short scripts, and a novel titled "The Agency" which will be the launching their original universe: Realm 6. They currently reside in Northern Virginia. Serge also specializes in script supervision. They interned as a script supervisor on the Daily Bread Series with The Forge Studios and worked in continuity on more than 10 short films including “BURP!” with “Permanent” director Colette Burson, Nefertite Nguvu’s “Myself When I Am Real,” Giovana Chesler’s “The Pickup,” and Tilia Entertainment’s “The Last Minute.”

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