Beyonce Anonymous | Christian Schulte | Script Shop Episode 049

Logline for Beyonce Anonymous

"An emergency support group meeting is held for members with - the addiction."

About Christian Schulte

Christian Schulte is the Director of Production at MFM Transmedia, and has been working alongside Founder, Molly Fahey- Matonti since the beginning of 2016. While growing the successful production arm of MFM, Christian works with top international companies for video, social media, and graphic design, as well as creating some of the nationally selected MFM Original content that they have produced (Missed Connections, 2018). With an extensive background in both production and marketing Christian curates content for companies that leave an innovative and lasting impression.

Christian's background includes work on numerous current television shows, international commercials, and print campaigns. Proud alumnus of the University of Michigan.

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