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"A couple must come to terms with the realities of their relationship when loyalty, desires, and dreams are tested in the face of danger."

About Isaac Nevrla

Isaac Nevrla is an actor, writer, and director based in New York City. He began acting at nine in musical theater in rural New Hampshire. Some years later, he transitioned to the screen, where he has appeared in numerous short films, webseries, and network television.

Isaac remembers being interested in writing at an early age, when a school assignment to write a three page short story drove him to explore the craft of storytelling. Since then, he’s been hooked.

Collaborating and learning from other filmmakers has been one of the most valuable parts of Isaac’s experience as an actor, writer, and director. He enjoys nothing more than to collaborate with others, picking up on the nuances, challenges, and solutions that are inherent aspects of the filmmaking process.

‘Billy, Baby’ is Isaac’s first script to be produced for the screen. The film is currently in post-production and will be submitted to festivals for the 2020 season.

Currently, Isaac is writing and developing an episodic series about a therapist’s office and the stories we tell in such places.

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