Call of the Void | Hyten Davidson | Script Shop Episode 043

Logline for Call of the Void

"Post-grad Mila takes a job as the night shift front desk attendant at a girl's college dorm after the sudden death of a student weeks prior. But as Mila starts seeing visions in the night, she realizes that the truth- once buried- must surface again."

About Hyten Davidson

Hyten Davidson is a writer and actress based in the Chicago area. Her short plays have been performed in Evanston, Chicago, and New York; most notably her play "The Lady in the Woods" was semi-finalist in the New York New Works Theatre Festival and won 'Judge's Choice' at the 2nd Act Players' New Playwrights Showcase. As well, her short horror screenplay "Scarf Face" was recently selected for the Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival in Montreal, QC. For more, visit

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