City of Caves: The White Tiger | Louise Wilding | Script Shop Episode 046

Logline for City of Caves: The White Tiger

"A determined woman with the ability to transform into a tiger, faces down centuries of devastating patriarchal rule alongside her best friend and a werewolf. While a vampire tries to prevent her discovering his secret by any means necessary.

Billi is not a damsel in distress, she’s a surprise, bait, the embodiment of a twist."

About Louise Wilding

Writing mainly in my spare time as I work hard to break into the world of screenwriting.
So far my endeavors have seen me have two separate scrips selected for film festivals in 2017, my first year entering. No bad considering I only started writing scripts late in 2016, when I discovered this format better suited my dyslexia.
I have no formal screenwriting training, so everything I do is self taught and I am always open to constructive help from those who know and understand the industry better.
Currently I write freelance and have many projects live on YouTube.
But my main drive as a writer is to see women better portrayed on screen.

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