Concrete Jungle | Ron Podell | Script Shop Episode 005

Concrete Jungle Logline

"'Mean Streets' as if inspired by Springsteen. The narrator, speaking in poem, guides this story of street hustlers and the downtrodden doing what they can to survive in the concrete jungle."

About Screenwriter Ron Podell

Ron Podell is a screenwriter who resides in Laramie, Wyoming. To date, Podell has written four feature screenplays and 14 short screenplays, three of which have been produced. He is currently executive producing one of his short scripts called "All Tapped Out," a Hitchcock-like mystery thriller. His scripts have won 60 top awards at films festivals/screenwriting contests, along with too many nominations/script finalist statuses to count.

Podell is included in the book, titled “Top 50 Indie Writers in the World,” that was released in early 2017 through Apple iTunes. He was named Writer of the Year at the 2016 Action on Film International Film Festival and was nominated for the Randall Greenland Screenwriter of the Year at the 2017 Austin Revolution Film Festival. He served as a panelist for the “Screenplay Contests – Paths to Recognition and Production” seminar at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. He is a member of the WGAW Independent Writers Caucus.

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