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"Pursued by an angry mob and running out of power, an android uses a set of dice to relive past memories."

About Mark Renshaw

Mark, lives, writes and produces in the north-west of the United Kingdom, slap bang in the Twilight Zone between Manchester and Liverpool.

As a screenplay writer, Mark has won several awards, most recently the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship of 2018 as well as reaching the semi-finals of the Page Awards and 2nd round of the Austin Film Festival. He has been added to the list of promising writers at the BBC.

As a producer, Mark has written and produced three award-winning short films in transatlantic collaborations. His first film, 'No More Tomorrows' is available on Amazon Prime. His second film, 'Surrender' has enjoyed has a successful run on the independent film festival circuit and won several awards. His latest, a sci-fi short called 'The Survivor: A Tale From The Nearscape' has a worldwide distribution deal with Meridian Releasing. He is currently developing it into a TV series called The Nearscape and has several shorts in various stages of production.

With his prose hat on, Mark’s sci-fi short ‘Automatic Drive’ was recently published in an anthology called The Singularity50, as was his horror short ‘Ragnarok’ by Cohesion Press in an anthology titled ‘SNAFU: Resurrection.’ In 2017 he had two short stories published in 'An Eclectic Mix Vol 7' alongside several international competition winners.

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