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"Charlie ignores the mounting consequences of his addiction while his wife and kids find their own ways to cope."

About Brian Klewin

Brian is an award winning filmmaker hailing from Milwaukee, WI.  Brian works as a writer, director, editor and producer of narrative films, music videos and commercials. He has spent the past 10 years writing and directing short films, constantly learning how to tell compelling stories paired with stunning visuals.  Recently, Brian wrote and directed “Deer Lights”, a multi-award winning short film (including Best Director Wisconsin Short at the 2019 Twisted Dreams Film Festival) that has screened at festivals around the country. Brian also directed the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival’s Best Music Video Award winner “Rabbit Hole” (Music by Saebra & Carlyle). “Deer Lights” & “Rabbit Hole”, like other previous works from Brian Klewin (“Sleep Aid” 2017, “Birthday Doll” 2017), have given Brian invaluable experience at telling suspenseful thrillers and supernatural horror films that are satisfying to audiences.  He has written and directed over 10+ short films and has passionately written several feature film screenplays. Brian believes deeply in this project and is working daily to develop an incredible experience for audiences.

“Deep Edges” Teaser -

“Deer Lights” - (password: deerfest333)

“RABBIT HOLE” Awards - (Jury Award Best Music Video, Milwaukee Film Festival 2019)

“DEER LIGHTS” Awards - (Audience Choice Best Wisconsin Short, Twisted Dreams Film Festival 2019), (Best Director Wisconsin Short, Twisted Dreams Film Festival 2019), (Best Cinematography in a Wisconsin Short, Twisted Dreams 2019), (Best Ensemble Cast in a Wisconsin Short, Twisted Dreams 2019), (Best Actor - Sam Kozel, MKE Short Film Fest 2019), (Best Ensemble Cast - Deer Lights, MKE Short Film Fest 2019), (Nominated - Best Off Kilter Short, Cindependent Film Festival 2019)

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