Diplomatic Ammunity! | Jonathan LaPoma | Script Shop Episode 025

Logline for Diplomatic Ammunity!

"A struggling Hollywood screenwriter recruits his former best friends to help him write a script about a series of pranks they pulled in high school, and they discover why their friendship fell apart."

About Screenwriter Jared Egol

Jonathan LaPoma has written three novels, eleven screenplays, and hundreds of songs and poems. His screenplays have won over 150 awards/honors at various international screenwriting competitions, and his black comedy script HARM FOR THE HOLIDAYS was optioned by Warren Zide along with Wexlfish Pictures (AMERICAN PIE, FINAL DESTINATION, THE BIG HIT) in July 2017. His novels have been recommended by Kirkus Reviews and Barnes & Noble, and they've also won three awards and have made several #1 Amazon Bestseller lists. He lives in San Diego, CA where he teaches at a public secondary school.

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