Don’t Call it a Relapse | Vaslav J. Rice

Logline for Don't Call it a Relapse

"A 'welcome home from rehab' party turns chaotic as seven family members (plus the girlfriend & an NA sponsor) wait for the arrival of the 'recovered' guest of honor."

About Vaslav J. Rice

Vaslav J. Rice has been on a more than twenty year odyssey to become a successful screenplay writer. It started out as an impossible dream. Year after year was filled with rejections and bubble bursting experiences. Finally, in the last two years, his non stop and never give up hard work has come to fruition. Born in Miami, Florida, Vaslav lived there for his first twelve years. Then his family moved to the West-Side of Cincinnati for his formative years. A love of movies motivated his interest in script writing. In the early 2000's Vaslav's melodrama feature film script "Kravitzs' Last" was considered by Millbrook Farm Productions (Mimi Rogers' production company). He has written numerous feature film screenplays. Including "The Double Life" (Crime Drama), "Just Jim" (Comedy) and the Cindependent Film Festival nominated "The Deserters" (Western). Vaslav also turned his feature film script "Every Day But Monday" (Romantic Comedy Drama) into a stage play. It currently is being considered for a popular theater in Cincinnati for 2020. He is also currently producing his own feature film project "Scraps" (Over the Top Romantic Comedy). Where he has just filmed a promotional video for (which is in post production). Vaslav's short film "Don't Call It a Relapse" (Comedy; featured for this podcast) has been filmed and is also in post production, His current writing projects include "Fit's the Description" (Crime Comedy Drama) and is about to start "Son of a Bitch" (Comedy). Vaslav also works for the University of Cincinnati and has three grown children Alek, Sean and Sara.

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