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Logline for Dream Trip

"Alex is going on a dream trip to the USA, but soon he realizes that local people hide some dark secrets, and he must return before it is not too late."

About Artem Chukanov

Born on 3d of October, 1996 in the small town Uvarovo, Tambov region (600 kms away from Moscow). Went to the 1st grade when I was almost 7. Throughout the academic years I had been an active participant of various contests. My portfolio contains more than 100 different certificates confirming participation and winning in a lot of contests such as “Best Student of School” and various contests on different school subjects (Russian language, literature, mathematics, English, and many others). In 2004, I started studying at Music School for Children. I have graduated from there with honors in 2009, but I continued playing accordion and singing in choir and solo.

In 2013, I became a participant of exchange program for students called FLEX (Future Leaders of Exchange). It was a big success for me because approximately only 1% of participants get to actually go to the States and live there for one year. I lived in a small town, Clark Fork, ID. I graduated from Clark Fork High School with honors finishing 3d among 21 students in the class. Upon my graduation from there, I decided that I wanted to get an American Degree. Unfortunately, my family wasn’t able to afford my studies in the USA, so my choice was American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). It is much closer to my native country and education is much more affordable. Before getting into AUBG, I had to repeat my school year in Russia. In 2015, I graduated from Russian High School with a Medal of Excellence, and I was admitted into AUBG. There, I found my true passion. I wanted to study something related to the film. Journalism & Mass Communication major was the closest to what I wanted to learn. Fortunately for me, they also opened a Film Studies minor.

I am a regular participant of 48 Hours Documentary Challenge organized by AUBG Documentary Club every September. Three years in a row I had been creating short documentary films on a variety of subjects. I'm huge fan of horror films, so even if I’m making a very amateur short documentary film, I include some thrilling elements in there. I’m also a big fan of screenwriting. I’ve written a handful of short scripts, and I get back to them from to time because I believe that writing something good is a long process. Dream Trip was the very first fictional script I’ve ever written.

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