Fame Fatale | Michael James Daly

Logline for Fame Fatale

"Michael visits a horror fan convention to take his mind off losing what would be his 'big break,' but a couple snide comments from some filmmaker panelists might just make him snap."

About Michael James Daly

 Michael James Daly is from Charleston, SC and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He has been performing and getting rejected basically since he was a sperm. Some of his recent credits include A Nuns Curse, starring Felissa Rose and Damian Maffie, CBS's The inspectors, Valor, and CNN's United Shades Of America. 

Fame Fatale is Michaels first screenplay.  It has been accepted into The NYC Horror Film Festival, Oregon Scream Week, The Crimson Horror Screen Film Festival, and has won 2nd place at The international Scifi/Horror Film Festival, and was a finalist for best unproduced short screen play at Genreblast, 
Michael is so grateful, honored, and humbled at the reception Fame Fatale has gotten and cannot wait to write more!!

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