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Logline for Finale

"When the creator of the world’s most popular show tragically dies. Two clueless producers must juggle a disorderly cast, a rabid fan base, and an impending deadline as they fight against all odds to satisfy the masses and write the perfect three hour finale to an intricate series which they have always benefited from, but know nothing about."

About Greg Fusco

Greg Fusco, 36, was born in Columbus, OH, but has spent most of his adult life living in New York and the Caribbean. Currently writing and bartending in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; Greg is dedicated to bringing playful, original concepts to life through his work as a screenwriter. Always on the lookout for the next, great story to tell, Greg has traveled the globe researching everything from clowns, to nautical mysteries, to the long, strange history of baseball. He currently has many projects in the works, with a heavy focus on both television and feature screenwriting. His work has earned awards and nominations at multiple festivals including: The Houston Comedy Film Festival, The Nantucket Film Festival, The Georgia Shorts Film Festival, The Yosemite International Film Festival, The Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship, and The Twister Alley Film Festival. Greg was educated at Marymount Manhattan College where he earned his BFA in Theatre Performance and although he spends very little time acting these days, he continues the art of storytelling through the words and worlds he puts on page. He not only hopes to succeed as a screenwriter, but is dedicated to bringing awareness and film to the Caribbean. In the rare moments where he is not writing or slinging drinks, he is usually hanging out with his family or at the beach...any beach will do.

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