Ghosting | Biz Young and Caitlin Behle

Logline for Ghosting

"She once ghosted them, now they’re ghosting her..."

About Biz Young and Caitlin Behle

Biz started her career in the outdoor industry before making her way to the social sector for 5 years where she grew a strong community activist foundation. She currently works as a Production Designer and Freelance Filmmaker, runs the feminist film series bombASSbabe in her spare time, and hosts a variety of workshops for creative womxn, local filmmakers, and new climbers.

Caitlin Behle is a lifelong enthusiast and dabbler in this and that. In previous lives, she was a music journalist and a festival organizer. Growing up as an Asian-American adoptee in Kentucky has provided ample content for jokes, of which she's been writing since high school. She prefers writing jokes to telling them onstage, but she's been known to do an open mic or two. She currently works at a social justice nonprofit. The Ghosting is her first official short film, but it won't be her last.

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