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Logline for Girl Goes Out

"GIRL GOES OUT is a dark comedy about a young woman whose night out devolves into facing off with a Kardashian-esque girl squad, keeping her best friend's image-obsessed sanity in tact, and dodging an overly touchy musician."

About Natalie C Hulla

Natalie is a storyteller and creative content professional. Recent short films that she wrote and directed include Girl Goes Out, Brick by Brick, Eve, On Art On Skin and Up Here. She has also published various short stories and essays. She has a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and an M.F.A in Film Production, both from Ohio University. She works for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park as content marketing manager, and scribbles down new story ideas on coffee shop napkins in her spare time. Current works-in-progress that have leapt from napkin to laptop include a dark comedy about a workplace millennial sociopath, and a Midwestern gothic about a young woman untangling a murderous family secret. Visit for more creative work. Instagram: @nataliecwrites

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