Haunt | Alex Workman | Script Shop Episode 034

Logline for Haunt

"Tulsa, 1935 , Edward Hall finds himself in the midst of a cover-up by a crooked police chief. He must discover the evil that no one else can while protecting the identity of everyone involved."

About Alex Workman

My name is Alex Workman and I'm on a personal journey to take my writing as far as it can go. I've been writing for the past 6 years with about 12 screenplays under my belt. In addition to writing screenplays I also write comic books(my first love). I've basically worked retail all my life going from job to job. While in community college I had a revelation that this isn't going to help me really get where I need, only writing everyday could do that. Being stuck in Holdenville, Oklahoma for the past undisclosed number of years isn't so bad though. I believe it gives me an interesting perspective on the world that is.

I got married in March and I'm really excited about that! 🙂

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