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Logline for I, PHINE'D

"A young girl wakes to find that she and her friends have a scalding aversion to sunlight… cast no reflections… and have an insatiable thirst for human blood. As this gang of teen vampires sets out to feast, she crosses her friends and escapes before she makes her first kill. Alone and on the run, she seeks the vampire that made them with hopes that this fiend will change them back."

About Jeff Bassetti

The nutshell... I am an Eagle Scout in Pleasanton's Troop 998. I graduated from San Francisco State University (BA) and The American Film Institute (MFA). I interned for two consecutive semesters at LUCASFILM's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) working under Producer's Janet Healey, Ned Gorman, and Head of Production John Weaver on the projects:

John Patrick Shanley's • JOE vs the VOLCANO

Akira Kurosawa's • DREAMS

James Cameron's • The ABYSS

Robert Zemeckis' • BACK to the FUTURE 2

Jerry Zucker's • GHOST

Formed Burning Galileo Films and raised production financing for my first Independent Feature Film, "F-STOPS" on which I served as co-writer, co-producer and director. "F-STOPS" won Best Thriller at Houston World Fest, the International Cinematographer's Guild Showcase and was presented at Cannes in 2004 by the ICG and Eastman Kodak.

F-STOPS Youtube Link

While working in post production editorial technology for KEY CODE MEDIA, I have been expanding my arsenal of screenplays in genres ranging from Aliens, to Crime Thrillers, Vampires, to Zombies. In 2014, my cohort Brian Hillard and I completed the "Proof of Concept" trailer for my award-winningscreenplay Children of the Dead. My vampire screenplay I, PHINED has received 3 Official Selections in 2017.  

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