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"Incendio is the sadness-fueled delusion tale of a violinist sparked to take extreme measures."

About Neil Dua

Neil Dua is a writer-director and actor who fell in love with story telling at a young age, often using his sense of humor to get through the medical hardships he faced while growing up. After overcoming an acoustic neuroma brain tumor at the age of 13, Neil was bed ridden, paralyzed in the right side of his face, and was challenged to relearn some of the most basic skills that he had taken for granted, such as smiling and waking. During the 4 months of recovery post brain surgery, Neil became dependent on the escapism that film and television provided. Ever since then he has been working towards a career as storyteller. For the last two years, Neil has worked at Anonymous Content as an executive assistant to Founder and Producer Steve Golin, along with the President of Television, David Levine.

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