Into the Sunset | Kent Meloy | Script Shop Episode 039

Logline for Into the Sunset

"An aging courier takes on one final cross-country job to fulfill a long overdue promise and quite possibly save his soul."

About Kent Meloy

Kent Meloy is a film director/writer/producer with over 30 years experience in the industry.
Specializing in the nuances of telling a good story, he has spent a great deal of time working with clients to hone their message to their intended audience.

He began his career as a grip and location sound recordist for a nationally syndicated dramatic children's series and spent five years absorbing everything he could. When the opportunity presented itself he moved into video editing where he discovered a knack for pacing and setting the mood through the editorial. In the mid-90s, at the onset of the world-wide-web he moved into web and interactive design, becoming a champion of the mantra "know thy audience", working with producers and large corporate clients to ensure they were considering the desired results of the communication, not just "how cool it looked".

When an opportunity to get back into the film and theater world presented itself, he jumped at the chance and has been involved there ever since, spending a great deal of his time honing his skills as a director, writer and producer. With a handful of awards under his belt for these endeavors he feels he has found his calling, and is aggressively pursuing it.

Specialties: a skewed take on the ordinary, a refusal to let imagination stagnate, a love of 'what's possible, even if improbable' and a fierce devotion to telling a good story.

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