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"A prodigy pianist becomes unhinged when she interviews with a sexually predatory Music Director"

About Roger Sampson

Roger's creative journey started late in life. He didn't realize his passion for the theater arts until his 30th birthday.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, Roger focused on school and work. He loved going to the movies and often spent the entire day going from one movie to the next. Little did he know at the time, but these experiences were trying to tell him something.

It wasn't until his 30th birthday that he finally realized he wanted to be a film maker. He started by studying acting. In 2003, Roger moved from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dream.

Roger enjoyed acting success in those years, booking The Bernie Mac Show, Men's Fitness Magazine and a series of promo spots for CSI reruns on Spike TV among his credits.

Not long after, Roger next discovered a passion and talent for screen writing. He'd spent parts of 8 years studying Robert McKee's "Story" teaching and seminar and finally had the opportunity to put that teaching to practice. He co-wrote a half hour comedy, web series and a feature film.

During this period, that familiar itch came back and Roger realized it was time to expand his horizons and pursue directing and producing. At first he found little time and even less opportunity to do that while in Los Angeles. So in summer 2013, Roger and his wife moved back to Dallas,.

Just before moving, Roger's first feature film screenplay, "The Ritual", was optioned by Reaper Films in Tampa FL.

In his first year back in Texas, Roger started Force of Nature Films and teamed up with Wendy Crouse to co-produce "The Hunger Stat", a documentary about Roger's own personal weight loss journey. He also produced The Forces of Horror Anthology Series Volume I which will be completed in 2017. In addition he's written two other award winning screenplays, Faith Based Drama "The Sacrifice" which will be produced later this year, "The Zombie Effect", a genre bending zombie film which provides a plausible, though science fiction theory about the cause of the creation and behavior of zombies.

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