Maggie’s New Boyfriend | Allison Beda | Script Shop Episode 066

Logline for Maggie's New Boyfriend

"Maggie’s new boyfriend is perfect, but imaginary, and maybe also a murderer."

About Allison Beda

Writer/Director Allison Beda’s award winning films have screened internationally at festivals, in theaters, on television, in art galleries, on billboards, in the metro and even at the Olympic games! Ms Beda’s first feature screenplay UNPREDICTABLE just won “Best Screenplay” at the Boomtown Film Festival and was a BET Network Top 10 Finalist. Her company A Muse Productions makes films about women making trouble and film art that defies categorization. She has a BA from SFU, an MFA from UBC, honed her strong visual style as an IATSE camera operator and learned when you can (or cannot) “fix it in post” working as Associate Producer on TV series such as SYFY/NBC “12 Monkeys”.


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