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Logline for Masterpiece

"After her mother's murder goes cold, Elizabeth starts her own investigation trying to decipher the mind of her mother's killer; illustrating the mental state of an unstable individual showing how a series of events can personify the darkest corner of thought. Will Elizabeth find her mother's killer or become a victim?"

About Bridget Messaros

Growing up in Waldo, OH (which is indeed, a real place), Bridget was involved in everything. Cheerleading, show choir, musical, band, soccer, dance, and 4-H. Having her Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management she was going to be a wedding planner but 3 years ago she auditioned and landed a lead role in a feature film and she got hooked in the entertainment world.

Masterpiece is her first screenplay and she’s learning the editing process is longer than the writing process. This story has been brewing in her mind for the past 8 years but she finally decided to write it down. She has a keen interest in crime mysteries and psychological thrillers.

Also, an avid lover of the outdoors, Bridget often camps for her vacations. Recently traveling out to Yellowstone and backpacking through Grand Teton with her husband. If she had it her way, her dog, Theodore, would be with her always. You can also find Bridget, her husband, and Theodore kayaking on some lakes around the Cleveland area.

Bridget plans to continue writing and acting in the future. Her hopes for Masterpiece is to obtain Hello Sunshine as a producer and bring the story to life in a theater near you.

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