Museum Madness | Joseph Dutra

Logline for Museum Madness

"Museum Madness is about a night security guard at an art museum who discovers something sinister in the works."

About Joseph Dutra

Joseph Dutra is an active film artist and animator being a jack of all trades who has been making his own shorts since the age of 16 while still living in Apache Junction, Arizona. He decided he wanted to make films at the age of 12 when he saw Be Kind Rewind, and has progressively developed his talents behind the screen. Having worked on several shorts over the years, building up his portfolio, he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He's won Best Comedy for his short film, “The Locker Room Mascot Massacre”. As well as Best Editing and Best Minnesota Made Film for his short documentary, My Father, for which he took inspiration from Terrence Malick, his favorite director. He graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Filmmaking.

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