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Logline for No Place Like Home

"Set in the not too distant future, No Place Like Home, begs the question where does real life end and virtual life begin?"

About Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Mary Alexandra Stiefvater was educated at The University of California at Los Angeles, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater, she also studied French cinema and philosophy abroad at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III) and Le Centre Parisien d'Études Critiques.  After graduation, she moved to England to train at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

In order to sustain longevity in the ever-changing entertainment industry, she branched out from acting into producing and writing.  In 2006 she produced the award-winning short film, Bad Habits, with the production company she helped found, Habit Forming Films.  Stiefvater then produced Wedding for One and 11-44, both directed by Kristina Lloyd.  The two met in acting class at UCLA and have collaborated on several projects together.  After many years of co-writing, her first, solo, full-length script, Squaw, was nominated for Best Screenplay in two festivals.  In 2012, her first books, In My Contrary Garden (a photography book) and Cocoa For Saturdays (a poetry book) were published.  Her sophomore effort, On The Merry-Go-Round (a poetry book), was published in fall of 2013 followed by several other books including From Grace,  What Grief Stole, Of The Americas: West, Of The Americas: East and The May Project.

Mary Alexandra continues to work as a producer, actress, model, screenwriter, photographer and poet.  She has several films coming out in 2019 and 2020 including, You’re Fine, an untitled experimental and No Place Like Home.

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