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Logline for Nour

"A chance encounter helps a Syrian refugee find redemption after a tragic loss during war. "

About Screenwriter Maitha Alawadi

Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Maitha was surrounded with rapidly growing industries which defines her city beautifully, one of which was media. However, her journey actually started in Melbourne, Australia, when she moved to pursue an bachelor degree in in Swinburne University of Technology where she took up a major in Digital Media Design and exercised a minor in Film & Television. It made her discover her true passion which is filmmaking.

She then worked for 2 years in the biggest radio networking company, Arabian Radio Network, in the talk show radio station called Dubai Eye 103.8. Her job helped me gain knowledge in another field of media and improved her scriptwriting and sound design skills. It also taught her how to make features that relayed only on sound and narration which resembles documentaries without the use of visuals. Also, it made her more in tune with the film industry as she followed and had a weekly appearance on one of the programs to talk about the latest in film and television.

She has currently finished her Masters in Filmmaking at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, were she met and worked with great filmmakers and upcoming actors, building a network and making short films across the UK. She’s currently working full-time as a producer in Blaze, a production house in Dubai, while working on her personal film projects on the side.

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