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"When faced with discharge, a psychiatric patient is ambivalent about returning to the real world."

About Grace Melon

Grace Melon began her acting career at the age of thirteen after signing with Gray Talent Group. She has since performed at over a dozen Chicago theaters and made her feature film debut in 2014 when she was cast in Stephen Cone's coming of age movie, Henry Gamble's Birthday Party. After working on an episode of Chicago Fire and another independent feature, Grace began writing screenplays of her own. Her first short film, Bath Salt, premiered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival and was deemed a finalist by USA Film Festival International Shorts Competition. It went on to screen in several cities across the country including New York and Chicago. Her most recent short, Purgatory, is currently in post-production following a four-day shoot in Los Angeles last September. Purgatory will be completed by the start of 2020.

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