Pushing Past Future | Maria Judice | Script Shop Episode 065

Logline for Pushing Past Future

"Traveling from Mississippi to reunite with her son, an elderly mother buries her dreams of the future while grappling with the news of his new family and their queer Berkeley life."

About Maria Judice

Writer | Director | Producer

M is a visual storyteller working in cinema, photography, and public art. She received her M.F.A. from CalArts in Film/Video. WIRED magazine called her a “filmmaker provocateur” bridging technology thinking with art making. As an award-winning writer/director, her work ranges across new media platforms aligning left of center subject matters. With a practice of “autonomy first” her artwork is about community, space, and place. PALM TREES won the Adrienne Shelly Award for excellence in directing and aired on BET's “Lens on Talent”. Awards for the best narrative sci-fi film MOONLESS and screenplays EVENTUALLY EVERYTHING IS FINE and ORBITERS were also garnered. Her films have screened around the world and are represented by Flourishing Films.

INDIGO IMPACT was founded in 2016 with a mission to bring left of center stories and creators to global audiences as an Impact Producer. She worked for such titles like DREAMSTATES starring Saul Williams, Haiti’s first Oscar selection AYITI MON AMOUR, and JINN by Oakland native Nijla Mumin. She brings affordable music, literature, art, and performance to the Bay Area as a Co-Curator of the MATATU FESTIVAL. Sitting on the board of WFilm and Code Tenderloin she continually advocates for equality and equity.

Futurism and technology feed her love for science fiction, surrealism, and fantasy. Her current work KILL, TIME views sci-fi through a lo-fi lens. ELEPHANT deconstructs pain and trauma in times of violence. A CERTAIN GRACE continues her conversation with San Francisco in making the invisible -- seen. Currently, She can be found in San Francisco kicking around the fog.



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