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About Remotely Working

Written by Bill Baber; Story by Scott Crosby & Dan Douglass: "This sitcom web series features five quirky millennials who work remotely for an international tech corporation. They struggle with online meetings, living on the road, and working from 'wherever.' Each lone wolf must cooperate with the others, or everyone will be fired. Meanwhile, none of these independent co-dependents has a personal life that is even remotely working. (Single-camera TV-14)"

About Bill Baber and Scott Crosby

Bill Baber is a second career screenwriter while maintaining a successful career as an attorney and an elected City Council Member in La Mesa, California.  His scripts have received laurels in multiple screenplay contests. He has consulted on three produced documentaries. He is an expert on the history of the film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington."

Scott Crosby (not pictured) was born in St. Louis, MO. His interest in the process of film and television began while volunteering for the St. Louis Film Festival and later for the San Diego Film Festival. He created two original projects while living in southern California. The first, titled “Business and Brews” blended San Diego’s craft beer scene with the popular show “Shark Tank.” The second project was called “On Tap” and sought to explore an up and coming craft brewery in each region of the country. Scott currently splits time in his hometown of St. Louis and San Diego.  

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