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Logline for Rex Unplugged

"A mother's first love and a man's true love
That taboo that no one dares speak of
The psychoanalysis on this story alone
Has the head shrinks shreaking in their bones

Rex, has been made aware of his destiny - kill his father and take his mother. Trying to avoid this predicament, Rex runs away from his destiny but soon learns that this action may have just sealed his fate."

About Joyia Bradley

Acting since the age of 12, Joyia moved to write, direct and produce in 2004 with the startup of EB Productions when the creative sphere needed to be expanded with stories involving people of color, women and children and since has built an impressive resume.

The first production, “Soul To Keep”, a one person tour-de-force, opened to rave reviews and played the festival circuit in New York City. She then moved onto film where she completed two silent shorts before tackling a documentary entitled, Equally Created, that dealt with the disparages of African American portrayal in the media versus reality. Black Woman, a satirical short, was her first endeavor where she wrote, directed, and produced. Kitty Bainbridge Is Dead, premiered in London and surrounding cities and garnered a digital distribution thru 21st Films along with Film Fest TV. Her most recent film, Azreal’s Dissent, has been turned into a web series and working on the 2nd episode. Currently, Rex Unplugged is on the first phase of pre-production. She also produces other projects and directs for the stage as well.

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