Rise | Amy McCorkle | Script Shop Episode 038

Logline for Rise

"In a life she can't remember, in a time too painful for him to forget, can the healing sands of time work their magic so that she might embrace her past so that she can set the world free."

About Amy McCorkle

Amy Leigh McCorkle is an author, blogger, screenwriter and filmmaker. With 23 books published, nearly half of them Amazon Bestsellers, with her memoir an International Bestseller, Letters to Daniel, she has parlayed that into a successful independent film festival presence. Since 2014 she and her screenwriting and producing partner, Melissa Goodman have won 61 awards and been nominated 30+ times for their scripts, documentaries, short films and music videos. Amy lives in Shepherdsville, Ky with her orange tabby Luke. When Amy is not creating fictional worlds she is using her Letters to Daniel platform to advocate for herself and others like her who live bipolar disorder.

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