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Logline for Saira

"Saira, a Jethwa/attobite hybrid alien, mysteriously appears in the middle of Hugo Crane's farm. She is, at first, thought to be a sinister being but she reveals that her intentions are not evil. She is here to save us from the occupying and lethal alien force known as the Vaar."

About Screenwriter Zeus

After being introduced to comic books and Star Wars, reading fantasy novels and
writing similar stories, watching near daily doses of classic 80’s action films, cartoons and foreign films, and then discovering that I could make a career creating these
same stories, I knew instantly, at 11 years old what I wanted to do with my life.

One month after graduation from SMU, I opened my first production company. Under
the Red Rock Entertainment banner, I completed a feature rockumentary titled NO
TALENT GENIUSES. The local success of this film in the Dallas, TX area spawned more
work, compromised mainly of directing and editing several live music events for local

Sadly, RRE was a short-lived venture and two years later, I was forced to shut down.
This lead to, at the time the insane idea of making the mad leap to New York in 2009.
I interned at Cinetic Media, where blind luck had me working on a dream come true
picture: The Banksy feature documentary EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.

From Cinetic I moved to Scott Rudin Productions. I stayed with SRP for two years, I
was very fortunate to work on THE SOCIAL NETWORK, GIRL WITH A DRAGON

After Scott, I took up shop with indie producer Terry Leonard, who helped me
burnish my independent producing skills. With Terry, I worked on two feature films,
HOW TO BE A MAN and COLD COMES THE NIGHT featuring Bryan Cranston and Alice

Over the last two years, I returned to my writing roots, completing several features
and short screenplays. Two of the shorts, MR. SAM (drama) and SAIRA (sci-fi) have
been very lucky to earn acceptances and some awards at film festivals around the U.S.
and internationally. Both these films are slated for production in 2018.

My newest venture, Zeus Pictures, is a development and pre-production company
that focuses on character driven feature length films, TV shows and graphic novels.
We are currently in post-production on two pictures, JUNIPER (sci-fi/drama) and EXT
(our first full CGI movie) both of which are scheduled for release in March 2018.

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