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Secrets Logline

"A widowed mother’s life unravels after coping with a yet another loss, but things take an unexpected turn when she discovers her family secrets."

About Screenwriter Lori Allred

Lori Allred has 30 years of broadcast experience.  On any given day you can find her producing, directing, writing, editing and even live switching a three-camera interview.  Her long list of credits include directing, producing and writing for HGTV’s,  Food Network, DIY, Discovery, Travel Channel and more.

Lori has received multiple Emmy’s, including a National Emmy for a Food Network Special, and has over a dozen Telly’s plus a New York Festivals International Television and Film Award.

She enjoys managing large crews, while bringing out the subject’s personality and writing interview-driven stories.

On the film side, Lori has directed, written and co-produced the short films “If Not Now” and “The Decision.” Both films have received distribution and are currently in the festival circuit.

Her start came in the highly competitive and fast paced realm of television news.

She also has two scripts currently in the festival circuit. The feature, "Secrets" and a short "Conversations at 35,000 Feet."

When Lori’s not working, she likes to travel the globe and play with her Corgi puppies, Merlot and Pinot.

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