Something Missing | Gabriel Lang | Script Shop Episode 004

Something Missing Logline

“Martin Railsback is no ordinary thief.  Not only is he a little OCD, and a bit of a germaphobe, he mostly acquires groceries and household items with the occasional diamond earring or silver serving tray to sell on eBay.  Oh, and he steals from the same people over and over again whom he refers to as 'clients.'

Even though Martin is a bit of a loner, he finds himself getting involved in some of his clients' lives and improving them for the better and in turn helping him become a better person."

About Screenwriter Gabriel Lang

After living and working in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York City, Gabriel Lang currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was born and raised.  You can check out more about him at  (That's the website for the very important film and television production company he started with his friend, Emily.)  

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