Script Shop is committed to furthering the work of screenwriters. By conducting evocative interviews regarding the screenwriter, their background, and the screenplay in question, we are aiming to explore and highlight the experiences that lead writers to create the work we ultimately see on screen.

In order to be considered, please understand that we:

  • Want to be able to share your screenplay with the online world by posting your script one week ahead of your released interview and one week following. Please let us know if you need assistance finalizing security rights for your work.
  • Want to have an engaging interview with you that allows us to delve into a myriad of questions about who you are as a performer and an artist, and the choices you have made and currently make in your life that allows you to write. Please be prepared to be open and honest.
  • Want to promote you as awesomely as we can! You will be asked to send a bio, photo (can be headshot, production, or simply an inspiration photo of your screenplay,) links to online profiles if selected.
  • Are always interested in your new work and the work of your friends – please be generous in recommending writers to us. 🙂
  • May be producing or working internally or individually on projects that happen to be similar to your screenplay or concept. Living with 7 billion other creatives, this becomes statistically unavoidable.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot promote every script sent to us. We know it’s totally a bummer, but there are many factors at play in our selection of content and categories for release.

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Okay, here we go! Lots of happy reading ahead of us.