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Logline for Super Nancy

"A 68 year old widow with special needs cats accepts an invitation to a top-secret superhero training academy. But the doctor running the academy is familiar, and she begins to suspect he has ulterior motives."

About Valerie Schwartfigure

Valerie Schwartfigure is a screenwriter and counselor from Mansfield, Ohio with a BA in Creative Writing and an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She believes in the little things in life that keep people sane: rest, play, and caramel drizzle.
She is most known for her feature length family/fantasy script MELODY OF THE SEA, which has now been a part of more than ten film festivals and won multiple international awards.

Her TV Pilot, SUPER NANCY, the subject of the Script Shop podcast, won "Best Dialogue in a Short" at Action on Film Megafest in Las Vegas and has had table reads in Vegas, Cleveland and Cincinnati (thanks Cindependent!) Valerie's short script, JUST FOR ATTENTION, is also doing well in festivals internationally, and she will be directing/producing it this fall.

Valerie earned the Aristotle Award from Script Summit for being a writer who is always learning and growing. She was also a semifinalist for the FinalDraft fellowship to Stowe Story Labs, which she recently had the honor of attending.

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