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Logline for The Buffinator

"The survival of the human race against Alexa rests with Buffy a Yorkie targeted for Buffination."

About Colin John Maslowski

John is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He now calls Cleveland, Ohio home.

He began acting in 2015. In 2017, he made several shorts films on his iPhone. In 2018, he made several short animated comedies also on his phone.

In 2018 he began writing scripts. His work often has social commentary and pop culture references.

His films and scripts has been selected by film festivals in the Unites States, Hong Kong, Norway and Canada. The 2019 Cleveland International Film Festival screened his film "Arachnoid". He has also garnered several awards including Best First Time Screenwriter by the N.Y. Film Awards for his script "The Buffinator".

He his currently working on a feature length screenplay about the opioid epidemic.

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