The Club for Dying People | Joe Milici

Logline for The Club for Dying People

"Alex lives in a small town but never has she felt more alone. With an unfortunate diagnosis, she does not have much time left. But after a spark of inspiration, she decides to find others like her and form 'The Club for Dying People'."

About Joe Milici

Joe Milici began his career in film at a young age with stop-motion animation in 2010. Like most kids his age making videos, Joe took to YouTube to broadcast his skits to show friends and family. 5 years would pass before Joe would return to filmmaking once again. Joe returned to making various skits and short films, such as "Spencer's Story" and "The Boy on The Bike". He also began producing, with his first two credited producer roles scheduled for late 2018 and a directing/producing credit for late 2019.

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