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"A hitman has an unexpected visitor after a job goes wrong."

About Katelyn Harbert

Katelyn Harbert is a screenwriter from Arlington, Texas who is currently studying at the Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She began dabbling in film back in high school in 2014. With her first official script, Rambling Minds, winning multiple awards back in 2018, she's hit the ground running ever since.

Her short script, THE CONVENTION, was recently read aloud by local Cincinnati actors, and nominated for Best Short Screenplay, at the 2019 Cindependent Film Festival (thanks, guys!). It also placed as a finalist at the Rome Independent Film Awards.

She is currently working on the next draft of her first full-length screenplay, a thriller and coming-of-age story, as well as an original pilot.

Twitter Handle: @HarbertKatelyn

Instagram Handle: @KatelynHarbert

Facebook: Katelyn Harbert

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