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Logline for The Creepy House

"On a Halloween dare, a timid tween goes into an abandoned house -- and develops a surprising connection with the ghost of a girl who died long ago. When the house is slated for demolition, the neighborhood kids join forces to save the ghost."

About Shoshana Rosenbaum

Shoshana Rosenbaum is a writer/director and educator based in Washington, D.C. Her award-winning short films THE GOBLIN BABY and HIDE AND SEEK have screened at festivals around the U.S. and internationally. Her screenplay AT THE EDGE OF THE WOODS (formerly THE GOBLIN CHILD) was named to The 2017 Bitch List. With her feature script THE CREEPY HOUSE, she was a finalist in the 2015 Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition. Her screenplays have been finalists in the Nashville Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, and Asian Pacific American Film Festival. She is repped by John Zaozirny at Bellevue.

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