The Doughnut Admirer | Muse Seymour | Script Shop Episode 015

The Doughnut Admirer Logline

"Josh's life is always the same. Same boring office. Same boring people. Same boring office casual. Same boring job. Then one day a doughnut shows up on his cubicle desk."

About Screenwriter Muse Seymour

Muse Seymour is an author and screenwriter originally from Wisconsin in the United States, but has been writing abroad in London and Paris over the last few years. He has previously worked on indie films as a script doctor and currently has several short film scripts in pre-production and another on the film festival circuit.

The Doughnut Admirer has been selected for film festivals around the globe being named a finalist at the Best Film Awards in Romania and winning Best Screenplay at the Windy City International Film Festival and most recently the Miami International Short Cinefest.

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