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Logline for The Governor’s Ball

"A quiet dinner party with a terrible family during a campaign. What could go wrong?"

About Marti King Young

Marti King Young is an award winning filmmaker and author of the book “Help! I Have An Audition! Now What?”

Her short film, STOLEN, which she wrote, traveled the overseas festival circuit, and earned her the Best Director award at the Miami Beach Film Festival in 2018. Her current film, THE ADVENTURES OF WONDERBOY is currently traveling the festival circuit and has been seen in London, Athens, Palermo, and in various stateside festivals.

Marti recently worked as the assistant to James Wan, Dave Newstadter and Victoria Palmeri on the feature film ANNABELLE COMES HOME. She also was the producer’s assistant on the international hit movie AFTER, as well as the ABC series Kevin (Probably) Saves The World.

Marti’s screenwriting credits include the award winning BOUND AND BAGGED, BOUNTY MOMMA, THE GOVERNOR’S BALL, THE ADVENTURES OF WONDERBOY (co-written with Elijah Haney) and a few more. She’s ghostwritten screenplays which you’ve seen on the silver screen. She polishes scripts for LA producers in her spare time.

She has been featured in the German publication Cinewomen for her contributions to women in film, and was the 2015 recipient of the Women in Film and Television Finishing Grant. She serves as a screenplay judge for various film festivals and speaks at educational campuses. Marti is also a member of the Alliance of Women Directors and currently seeking representation as a writer/director.

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