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Logline for The Hermit & The Automatons

"A young man's adventure takes him straight into the mouth of madness, when he stumbles upon the manor of an old eccentric inventor."

About Joe Wakefield

Joe Wakefield was born in Southfield Michigan December 12, 1986. He grew up in Dearborn Michigan where he attended many theater programs through the city and his high school. Joe moved to Los Angeles California in 2012 to pursue a career in the film industry. He appeared on the television show Mob City in 2013, but is primarily known for his screenwriting. Most recently Joe has written & sold "The Peter Pan syndrome", "The hypnotist", "12 Emotionally Compromised Vulcans", and "The Devil Lives in Clarksville County"! In early 2016 Joe graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Los Angeles film school with a degree in "Science in Film". He currently resides in Hollywood California.

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