The Last Light in Vegas | Cheryl L. Allen

Logline for The Last Light in Vegas

"Wall Street executive Justin Piper travels to Vegas to celebrate a bachelor party. Instead, he becomes obsessed with finding a humble street lamp on the edge of the city. Here, he grapples with his mortality."

About Cheryl L. Allen

Cheryl L. Allen is a freelance writer from Walton, Kentucky, currently
making her home in the Louisville, Kentucky area. She shares her home
with her husband Chris and more dogs than most reasonable people would
consider sane. She possesses the heart of a poet, the mind of a dreamer,
the philosophical tongue of a sarcastic comic, and the eyes of a lustful
wanderer--(or at least she DID until all those people realized those
things were missing and demanded she give them back!). She infuses her
writing with both thought-provoking warmth and a certain degree of
unique vitality.

Professionally, she has written in a range of formats--poetry,
mainstream fiction, short stories essays, songs, and screenplays. “The
Last Light in Vegas” is her second feature film. She is currently
writing a third with several more projects planned.

Additionally, she and her husband run Theater 8 Productions, a loose
collective of artistic endeavors. Most prolific among them, The 502
Revue was a cable access television show and YouTube channel, showcasing
arts, culture, humanity, and music. These vignettes feature artists in
every genre imaginable from the Louisville, Kentucky area.  In this
capacity, Cheryl holds all aspects of responsibility--from lining up
talent and filming locations, operating camera and sound equipment,
conducting on-camera interviews, voice-over work, producing segments, as
well as post-production and distribution.

Beyond Theater 8/The 502 Revue, she has also held minor roles as a
script supervisor in “Poof”, a video short, and has been an MC for
various local productions.

When not writing, producing, or working on her creative endeavors, you
will most likely find her enjoying friends and family, traveling,
learning something new about the planet, or looking for a lint roller to
remove dog hair from her clothing.

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