The Old Man in The Lake | Michael S.U. Hudson

Logline for The Old Man in The Lake

"An old woman attempts to deal with her loss as her family try to keep her from drowning in her sorrow."

About Michael S.U. Hudson

Michael Hudson studied "Film & Television Production" at Sheffield specializing in cinematography before being invited to attend the "Faculty of Dramatic Art" at Belgrade National Film School in Serbia where he along with his fellow participants were mentored by Director Rian Johnson.

He continued his studies by attending workshops and private meetings with renowned directors such as Alexander Sokorov and Krzysztof Zanussi to name a few.

His formal educational background meant that initially he was unable to specialize in directing when he acquired his first education in the UK so specialized in cinematography but was always working on short films as the director and cinematographer. After continuing his studies outside of the UK he was able to focus more on directing before moving from directing short films to directing feature films.

Michael co-directed his first feature film in Lithuania "Big Speakers (2015)" before on his first solo feature film "Driven" which is to be filmed on location in Pakistan.

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