The Wardrobe | Matt Mitchell | Script Shop Episode 069

Logline for The Wardrobe

"Calvin and Tracey are about to find out what’s worse: being mercilessly attacked in a alternate, post-apocalyptic, militaristic, jurassic future… or customer services. If only they knew where they were. If only Tracey had more machine gun ammo and a clean hammer. If only Calvin had followed the flatpack instructions."

About Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell is an award winning director & screenwriter. His feature films include ‘Gangsters, Guns and Zombies’ and ‘The Rizen’ which closed out the London Sci-Fi Film Festival, with its recently completed sequel ‘Rizen: Possession’ being released this year. His latest projects range from directing theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to turning his comedic voice to a new television series, as well as writing a speculative fiction/horror television series. His feature films are on worldwide release, distributed by Lionsgate in the UK and eOne in the US, and are also available on all good torrent sites.

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