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Logline for Therapissed

"An asexual hypnotherapist with severe anger issues unexpectedly falls for the same mysterious stranger as his overly-sexual wife in rural Utah."

About Robert William Johnson

Robert Johnson often goes by "Rob" despite the fact that he rarely steals.

Currently a product relocation specialist, more commonly known as a "truck driver" he's completed the bulk of his projects in the cab of a semi (WHILE PARKED).

Bob's writing style can be described as over-the-top while also simultaneously under-the-bottom. His highest achievement in the world of writing thus far was appearing on the Script Shop podcast, where he was able to trick the gracious hosts into letting him on.

Robbie aspires to either be the highest paid screenwriter in Hollywood history or own a chain of bowling alleys where the patrons are blindfolded and forced to wear roller skates.

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